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Cramer Sunweave® Membranes

  • Longevity, UV-Resistance in color and strength as well as self-lubricating
  • No delamination or exhalation as it is produced out of one polymer chemical inert 
  • Fire protection level of Bs1d0
  • Usable under extreme conditions, can withstand climatic fluctuations even in maritime climate while they show almost no moisture absorption (<0,01%).
  • Provide ideal shading as well as comfortable color temperature.
  • High light reflection at good light transmission rates.
  • Significant effects on the microclimate, enabling cooling under the umbrella
  • Enable energy saving.
  • Won the DuPont Plunkett Award in 1995

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Advanced Sunweave Membrane Solutions for Longevity and UV-Resistance: Enhancing Durability and Performance

Discover the unparalleled benefits of advanced membrane solutions, designed to revolutionize the way we think about material durability and performance. Our cutting-edge products offer unmatched longevity, exceptional UV-resistance in both color and strength, and innovative self-lubricating feature. Thanks to the single-polymer design, and chemically inert composition we prevent delamination and exhalation.

Experience the highest level of fire protection with our Bs1d0-rated solutions, ensuring safety and compliance in all applications. Designed for versatility, our polymers excel under extreme conditions, from the unpredictability of maritime climates to environments with significant climatic fluctuations, all while maintaining minimal moisture absorption (<0.01%).

Our products not only provide ideal shading and a comfortable color temperature but also boast high light reflection coupled with excellent light transmission rates. The significant impact on microclimates, including the ability to cool areas under the umbrella, highlights the environmental benefits and energy-saving potential of our solutions. Our commitment to innovation and excellence in polymer technology was recognized with the prestigious DuPont Plunkett Award in 1995, underscoring our role as leaders in the industry.

Explore how our advanced Sunweave solutions can enhance your project's durability, safety, and environmental impact, all while saving energy and contributing to a sustainable future.