Finished Fabrics

We offer finishing of textile structures with various resins in order to improve cutting and stamping features as well as to produce preforms.


  • Weight

    55 gsm to
    1000 gsm
  • Width

    15 cm to
    150 cm
  • Fibers

    1K, 3K, 12K, 24K
    Standard Modulus
    Intermediate Modulus
    Polymer: Epoxy,
    Polyester resins
  • Roll length

    50lm to 300lm
  • Applications

    Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial

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Germany - Heek

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Enhancing your material properties

Fabric Finishing

We offer the enhancement of textile structures with various resins to improve cutting and punching features and to create preforms. Our services include the use of thermosetting binders compatible with epoxy resins, as well as thermoplastic binders compatible with polyester and vinyl ester resins. Moreover, we process non-woven and foil-coated textile structures to provide even greater versatility.