Dry Prepregs

Our thermoplastic fabric prepregs deliver tailored properties such as temperature resistance, chemical resistance, strength and stiffness, reduced Wear and thermal conductivity, toughness and fatigue and are employed for various demanding applications in composite technology.


  • Weight

    100 gsm to
    600 gsm
  • Width

    100 cm to
    150 cm
  • Fibers

    1K, 3K, 12K, 24K
    Standard Modulus,
    Intermediate Modulus
    PA11, PC, PPS, PEEK
  • Roll length

    50lm to 300lm
  • Applications

    Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial

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Thermoplastic Prepregs

Cramer thermoplastic prepregs offer a range of benefits, contributing to their suitability for various applications:

Fast processing cycles : Thermoplastic prepregs can be processed more quickly than traditional thermosets, enabling faster manufacturing cycles and increased productivity.

Unlimited shelf-life without refrigeration: Different to thermoset materials, thermoplastic prepregs do not require refrigeration for storage, allowing for easier handling and reduced logistical efforts.

Tailor Made Reinforcements: Fiber type, fiber architecture and fiber areal weight of our Cramer reinforcements are precisely tailored for the bespoke application.

Toughness: Thermoplastics offer inherent toughness, allowing our products to withstand impacts and stresses without sacrificing performance or structural integrity.

Chemical resistant: Our thermoplastic prepregs exhibit resistance to chemcials, ensuring durability and longevity in challenging environments.

Overmoulding for complex parts: Flat and simple geometry thermoplastic parts can be overmolded by injection or compression moulding to obtain highly complex with local reinforcements and attachment points

Weldability: Thermoplastics ca be welded using a variety of processes. Larger composite assembly  can therefore simply connected from thermoplastic composite parts with the need for rivets. 

Environmentally friendly - recyclable: Our thermoplastic products are recyclable, contributing to sustainability efforts and reducing environmental impact.

Not REACH critical: Our products do not fall under the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations, simplifying compliance and regulatory considerations for users.