Dyneema® Fabrics

Dyneema® excels as a high-performance material, offering greater ductility, vibrational damping, and a lighter weight than other fibers. Its unique advantages extend to Carbon Hybrid fabrics with Dyneema®, which combine the strength and lightness of Dyneema® fiber with carbon fiber's rigidity, enhancing impact resistance and energy absorption. This innovative blend makes Dyneema® a superior choice for a wide array of industries, pushing the boundaries of material capabilities.


  • Weight

    174 gsm to
    295 gsm
  • Width

    100 cm to
    150 cm
  • Fibers

    3K, 6K
    SK60, SK75, SK99
  • Roll length

    on request
  • Applications

    Automotive, Aerospace, Sporting goods, Hypercars, Racing

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Elevating Performance with Enhanced Ductility, Vibrational Damping, and Lightweight Design

Dyneema® (Carbon Hybrid) Fabrics

Dyneema® fabrics come with exceptional properties of increased ductility, enhanced vibrational damping, and superior lightweight characteristics compared to other fibers. This concise overview highlights the benefits of Dyneema®, including a special focus on the advantages of Carbon Hybrid fabrics with Dyneema®, illustrating why it is the preferred choice for cutting-edge applications.

Increased Ductility for Safety: Dyneema®'s superior ductility ensures higher impact resistance and safety. Its capacity to absorb energy and resist deformation under stress makes it ideal for protective gear and automotive components, offering unparalleled reliability.

Enhanced Vibrational Damping: The material's ability to dampen vibrations leads to increased comfort and longevity in products. Dyneema®'s vibrational damping properties enhance user experience by reducing noise and wear, crucial for automotive, sports, and electronic applications.

Lighter than Carbon Fiber: Dyneema® has a lower density than carbon fiber, providing a significant weight advantage without sacrificing strength. Besides being 15 times stronger than steel, its lightweight feature is essential for aerospace, Hypercars, sports equipment, and any field where reducing weight enhances performance and efficiency.

Advantages of Carbon Hybrid fabrics with Dyneema®: Carbon Hybrid fabrics with Dyneema®combine the best of both worlds: the extreme strength and light weight of Dyneema® with the stiffness and compressive strength of carbon fiber. This hybrid material delivers improved impact resistance, energy absorption, and a unique balance of flexibility and rigidity. It opens new possibilities for innovative designs in automotive, sports, and aerospace industries by offering a material that is not only strong and lightweight but also adaptable to complex shapes and structures.

Conclusion: Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™, and its hybrid variants with carbon fiber provide solutions that are safer, more comfortable, and lighter than other material solutions. The blend of Dyneema®'s ductility, vibrational damping, and weight advantages, combined with the structural benefits of carbon fiber, creates a superior material choice for future-forward applications.