Cramer convertibles since 1947

  • The fabric top made of acrylic opens up a lot of scope for designers
  • Folds more easily and takes up less space than complicated steel roofs
  • High-quality heat and noise insulation
  • Is considerably cheaper and lighter than a steel roof
  • High light and color fastness despite heavy UV exposure
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Durability

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Our Convertibles

Convertibles made in Germany

Explore the versatility of acrylic fabric based convertibles that offer expansive creative freedom for designers. Our acrylic fabrics are a practical solution that allow easy and compactable folding of convertibles - a perfect alternative to a complex steel roof. Enjoy superior heat and noise insulation without compromising on style. With their superior lightness and cost-effectiveness, our fabric tops are a smart choice over metal solutions. Thanks to high lightfastness and colorfastness, our tops maintain their quality even under intense UV exposure. Experience lasting durability and high abrasion resistance that meet your requirements for longevity and easy maintenance. Choose our acrylic fabrics for a durable, cost-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing solution.