Design Fabrics

eDesign is our premium brand for customized fabrics for special decorative applications in the composite world.

With eDesign we enable our customers to source unique fabric designs. The often exclusive designs allow our customers to distinguish themselves from the mainstream offerings.


  • Weight

    55 gsm to
    1000 gsm
  • Width

    100 cm to
    150 cm
  • Fibers

    1K, 3K, 12K, 24K
    Standard Modulus,
    Intermediate Modulus
    Coloured glass, metal fibers and more
  • Roll length

    50lm to 300lm
  • Applications

    Automotive, Aerospace, Marine

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Germany - Heek

USA - Dover

Be Unique - catered solutions

Design Fabrics

Introducing ECCellent Design fabrics (eDesign), our latest premium brand offering customized fabrics for decorative applications in the composite industry.

With eDesign, we aim to provide our customers with access to unique fabric designs, allowing them to differentiate themselves from standard offerings and add a touch of individuality to their projects.

Our eDesign fabrics feature a diverse range of weave patterns and can undergo a series of finishing steps. We also offer small samples for evaluation, so you can make informed decisions before committing to larger quantities.

Discover the possibilities with ECCellent Design fabrics (eDesign) and elevate your projects with our tailored solutions.