Spread tow fabrics

New proprietary technology allows us to innovate the conversion of high yielding fibers into lower weight reinforcement structures with an enhanced surface coverage.


  • Weight

    100 gsm to
    370 gsm
  • Width

    100 cm to
    127 cm
  • Fibers

    6K, 12K and 24K
    Standard Modulus,
    Intermediate Modulus
    High Modulus
  • Roll length

    50lm to 300lm
  • Applications

    Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial

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Germany - Heek

USA - Dover

Enhanced surface closure and improved mechanical properties

Spread Tow Fabrics

eSpread fabrics are characterized by their high quality , high surface coverage and high performance. With eSpread lower count filament fibre can be replaced by higher filament count fibre, while the lower weight is maintained (e.g., 200 g / m² with 12K carbon fibre instead of 3K fibre).

Structural Attributes

-The fabric thickness is reduced, resulting in less crimp 

-Higher fiber volume fraction achievable (less resin needed for full impregnation)

-Reduced laminate thickness (CPT)

-Higher mechanical performance (due to higher fiber alignment and reduced gaps)

Visual Attributes

-The warp and weft fiber width distribution is more homogeneous resulting in a superior surface appearance

Processing Attributes

-Fabric gets a bit stiffer due to level of closure

-Reducing post processing work